Mountain of amber

The famous Mountain of Amber is located at about 22km in the south west of the town of Diego Suarez. Before getting to that place ,you will go through village call Joffre ville which is a locality created by Frenchman called Joffre in 1902 and became a French military barracks and a farm which produces some kinds of vegetable and some fruit trees such as Lychee trees, avocado trees, and so on, run by Creole people at that time. Now a days you can find there a spot which provides the country with the famous plant (katy), a plant which belongs to the light drugs the origin from Yemen country. After Joffre Ville you arrive at the Montaigne Amber. It is a massif of volcanic and basaltic rocks at which you can find some types of vegetation, the humid tropical forests with the temperature max 25 degrees and min 4 degrees, rain fall 3500mm each year, and an altitude of 1010m. It has became the first National park of Madagascar since 1958. You can find different animals there; foxes, 49 species of reptiles, 11species of chameleon with the tiniest which is only to be found there brokesia tuberculata, 15 different snakes, 23 lizards, 7 species of lemurs (5 nocturnal, 2 diurnal) and different birds. Not forgetting big trees, the Tarzan lianas, the cryptomeria japonica, called Japanese path, and the arocarica agatus called Brazilian path. There you can find water falls which have sacred stories (a place for worship). The Mountain Amber is the ideal place is created for the ones who love the life on the planet Earth. The moment that you will spend there is very important in your life.