Sakalava & pigeons bay

To get to sakalava bay, the departure is at the port of Diego Suarez. On the way to that famous and wonderful bay of Sakalava, you will have view panoramic the lovely sugar loaf (nosy lonjo), with possibility to take some photos.
And afterwards you will wander at some grant tree the baobab on the way.

And then you will get to the Sakalava bay which is the one of the large bays and beautiful then ideal for surfing. People can go surfing there of course, if they are experienced in that, but it is also available for the skillful beginners. And you will find there an instructor. You know, just t 15min walk away from Sakalava bay, there is a nice beach with crystal sea and fine white sand ideal for bathing and sun bathing called Pigeons bay, especially for a couple, there is no disturbance.