Lemuria land

Currently a vast park about 8000 hectares wide. Before it was an area of the aromatic plants plantation such as Ylang-Ylang runned by the colonists at the colonial era. Now days this park belong to Indian.
In this park, an old distillery still works which employ the local people. They are the main exporter of essential oil of Ylang Ylang to Europe. And also the one of the suppliers of the famous perfume factory CHANEL. What you can find within the park are; Crocodiles of Nil, Varieties of chameleons, many colored fishes, turtles which are killers of crocodiles [endemic of Madagascar], Geant tortoises aged 208 years which are native of Seychelles, Madagascar Boa snake , and so on, Twelve species of lemurs among which the famous lemur catta that appears in the Madagascar movie.
Therefore, this vast park is not-to be missed for the tourists who really love the discovery of natures.