Tamatave is the second biggest city of the island Madagascar and has the largest seaport of the country. It is the capital city of Betsimisaraka kingdom [many never divided] which was found by the son of pirate who reigned about seventhieth century [mullato] .The main harbor of Madagascar is located at 365 km from Tananarive the capital. This town is decorated by multicolored flowers of the season and rickshow as well as trishaw. Several kinds of trading can be seen all along the way.
Leave the port by crossing the city to visit the old and first village called Ampasimazava, visit of the Banyan trees planted around 1900 by Indian men will never be missed during the tour. Different Creole houses decorate the area with its spectacular architecture, European colonial quarter, independence Avenue lined with palm trees, historical administration offices, artisanal craft Bazar Be market for shopping will welcome the visitors. Rapid drive through the popular districts of town. It’s a big opportunity to discover the way of life of local people. Then back to Bazar Be for shopping, and return to the ship.